Our Story

No one said it would be easy but easy was never an option for WLAG founder and CEO Sally Roberts. A combat veteran in the U.S. Army and two-time world bronze medalist led her to a greater passion: inspiring girls and women to feel empowered to do anything through sport while helping them reach their full potential. 

Now entering its 5th Anniversary, Wrestle Like A Girl has grown programs in 32 states, influencing tens of thousands of girls and women globally. 

Internationally, Sally and her team have built bridges through the sport of wrestling in seven countries, including Saudi Arabia. She has used her organization for change both on and off the mat, teaching empowerment and leadership skills.

What seemed like an idealistic pipe dream is now an organization growing in influence on a worldwide level. Girl power? (Yeah, we say that proudly.)

-Founded in 2016 in COLORADO SPRINGS, CO

-Headquartered in Washington, DC

-Registered U.S. 501(c)3-

-Only Advocacy Organization in the World Focused on Girls and Women in Wrestling


Our mission is to empower girls and women using the sport of wrestling to become leaders in life.


Our vision is to increase access and opportunities for girls and women, worldwide.


Wrestle Like A Girl aspires to be a worldwide leader in gender equality and advancement of women’s rights through sport using diplomacy. Our partners have already recognized we are in it to make a difference in the female lives we touch.

-Gender Equity

-Sport Diplomacy

-Women’s Empowerment

-Global Movement

-Advancement of Women’s Rights