our structure, values and mission

    a.  Pastor/Pastoral staff - spiritual volunteers and general supervisors of all church ministries, activities    
         and properties
    b.  Board of Deacons - volunteers elected by the church membership to serve with the pastor as part of
         the church leadership team to assist with administrating the work of the church
    c.  Church Members - those who meet the scriptural standards and established requirements for
         membership have the privilege and responsibility of voting on major church decisions at all official  
         church business meeting after 90 days of active church membership

Core Values of WLAG
    a.  We value reaching the lost through local and global outreaches (evangelism and missions)
  • One of the primary reasons the church exists is to be the body of Christ on earth - His hands, His feet, His voice - to share the love of Christ to the world
    b. We value preaching the Word
  • The Bible is God's word of instruction to us.  It is important to read it, learn it, and know what it says, because it contains God's wisdom and lessons that apply to virutally every aspect of our lives.
    c.  We value prayer and worship
  •  Prayer and worship provide opportunities for us to be in the presence of the Lord, and bring times of intimacy with God
   d.  We value discipleship
  • Jesus shared His life with His disciples, spent time with them, taught them, and modeled a powerful and Godly life before them
  • Discipleship is a process of growth and maturity that comes from sharing life together with someone who is able to disciple you
   e.  We value children and youth ministry
  • Children's ministry is important because of the opportunity to lead them to Christ at a young and impressionable age
  • Children's and youth ministry in the church takes an intentional investment of time, money and facilities
   f.  We value church and ministry involvement
  • The Lord adds people to the body for a specific reason.  We want every Christian to find a place to fit and belong and find their role as a member of the body, and then grow together as each part does its work
   g.  We value encouraging people
  • Attending church is important, but when we are together we need to be positive and encouraging
  • Believers are instructed to meet together regularly and to consider how they can be of service to each other, especially stirring up each other to the more vigourous and abundant exercise of love, and the practice of good works  

Our Mission

Our mission is to be a place where believers express their love for God, where God's love is shared with those who are spiritually lost, where disciples are made and where a united community with other believers is experienced.

Our long term vision for West Layton Assembly is to be a healthy, growing and united church family that will reproduce itself through church planting, as the Lord leads us.