pastoral team
Scott and Joy LindnerScott and Joy Lindner
Lead Pastor
Pastors Scott and Joy are originally from Rockford, IL. They have served in full time ministry for nearly 30 years as youth pastors, Master's Commission directors, the South Dakota Youth and Christian Education Director (DYD), and have held administrative positions in Christian Higher Education at Central Bible College and North Central University. Scott and Joy have two sons. Trevor is currently attending Evangel University in Springfield, Missouri. Brandon is currently attending ... more
Office Phone: 414.425.6181

Dustin and Krista SchwalbachDustin and Krista Schwalbach
Student and Young Adult Ministries
Dustin and Krista Schwalbach are newly married and are serving as volunteer ministers of All Access, the student ministry of West Layton Assembly, and Mosaic, our new young adult ministry. Dustin is a graduate of Rockford Master's Commission and is working full-time as well as owning his own lawncare business and auto repair shop. Dustin and Krista have a passion for students and young adults and are intent on helping them to discover God's purpose for their lives and ... more